Passito Moscato di Saracena

Passito Moscato di Saracena

A unique peerless ancient dessert wine

Passito Moscato di Saracena is a dessert wine that has been mentioned in sixteenth-century writings, when it was brought from Scalea to the papal court. The Moscato grapes themselves are unique: they haven’t been modified over centuries and do not resemble any other Moscato grapes. The passito Moscato di Saracena can only be produced in the area around Saracena, because this native grape variety is a registered product.

Saracena in the old days

How two different mosts make one unique wine

The production process involves the participation of two different mosts. In the first of these mosts the percentages between the different grapes may vary considerably, but Guarnaccia and Malvasia predominate. A small amount of Odoacra grapes is added to this.

The grapes of these three vines are pressed immediately after harvesting and the resulting must is then boiled. This reduces it to a third. This process increases the sugar level and thus the amount of alcohol present in the final product.

The Moscato di Saracena grapes on the other hand are hung over shaded baskets and dried for about 20 days after harvesting. This is an ancient and well-known technique, diffused all over Italy, which increases the concentration of sugars and aromas. At this point the best grapes are selected manually, eliminating those with unwanted molds and other defects. They are then pressed by hand, and thus the second must is obtained.

Passito Moscato di Saracena drying process

The two mosts, the “passito” and the “cooked”, are subsequently joined together for a fully natural fermentation process. The yeasts are present in the grapes. This lasts for up to two weeks, and is repeated several times. After about half a year the passito Moscato di Saracena is ready to be bottled.

An ancient local tradition bringing an unforgettable taste to the mouth

There are a few local companies that still make this amber colored wine. The wine has an intense aroma and a distinctive taste of honey, dried figs and exotic fruits, elegant in the mouth and with discrete persistence. Add the Passito Moscato di Saracena to your shopping list and combine it with matching products such as a spicy old pecorino cheese, a real good salami or some typical dry Calabrian pastry (almond paste or “pastafrolla”, and jam mousse of oranges, for example).

Passito Moscato di Saracena


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