Our Suppliers

Small producers with quality products from Calabria

On our supplier pages you can meet our personally selected producers with quality products from Calabria. One or more of them will certainly interest you. All of our suppliers are located in the region Calabria, in the far south of Italy. Most of them are small producers. Some are already a little bit bigger, but what binds them is that they all make products of high quality. And most of these products are made in traditional craft, and according to ancient recipes. In addition, we know all the suppliers personally, some of them for decades.

But why Calabria?

It is not only because we have visited the region for many years and that we have made many friends there, that we sell their products from Calabria on our website. On the contrary. The region is a sunlit region, where many crops flourish well. And because the region is not very industrialized and mechanized yet, there is virtually no mass production. But there is an agricultural sector where the farmers still know every inch of their land, and who still treat all their animals with great respect. And you can taste that in the products they make.

It is also a region where commercialization has not taken hold yet. Therefore the products from this region are not very well known in the rest of the world. Until now… because we are going to make a little change with that on this site. We are convinced that once you have tasted the products from sunny Calabria you will want to discover more of them. So do not wait, take a look at our suppliers, and start ordering some of the very tasteful products from a largely undiscovered area in the southernmost point of mainland Italy. Buon appetito.


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