Aromatic tonic water with Ficus Carica DOP


Purifying tonic water, suitable for all skin types, but especially for delicate and sensitive skin

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To be used after cleansing milk, preferably also with the Ficus Carica DOP. Completes the cleaning. Hydrates and protects epidermis thanks to the ingredients, including the Ficus Carica dottato di Cosenza, honey, calendula, chamomile and mallow. The skin regains its original balance and vitality. The tonic water prepares the skin for the benficidal effect of other creams. Ingredients: water from the sources of Bagno Filippi, extract of Ficus Carica, juice of Vitis vinifera, honey, glycerin, xanthan gum, perfume, allantoin, calendula officinalis, camillus recutita, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol

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SALUTE e BENESSERE di Dott.ssa Elisabetta Ferrara


SALUTE e BENESSERE di Dott.ssa Elisabetta Ferrara


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