Artisan meat products from Antica Masseria Salmena

A Family Business of Artisan Meat Products

The Antica Masseria Salmena is situated in Morano Calabro in the north of Calabria. It is a small family owned company. High quality artisan meat products are produced here in an authentic way since the 1960s of the last century, when they started breeding livestock. At the time these activities were started by the grandfather of the brothers Michele and Damiano Verbicaro, who now operate the business.

artisan meat products in the meadow

In Full Control

The farm is located at a piece of land of 60 hectares. Here the animals walk around freely in the fields, and where their own cattle and pigs are raised without hormones or other artificial means. Michele is responsible for the land and the animals. The meat products are expertly prepared by Damiano and sold in their shop on the farm. Besides their own cattle and pigs they also process sheep and goats. The brothers obtain these from local shepherds, that one still regularly encounters in these regions.

Sweet and Spicy Products

Apart from the famous salami, in spicy and sweet varieties, the brothers also make their own version of the ‘nduja. This is a typical and very spicy Calabrian speciality, made of pork mixed with red peppers. This gives ‘nduja a very spicy taste. The spreadable sausage is then smoked and lightly aged for several months. Delicious on bread or bruscetta, or on pizza, but also very useful to add flavour to sauces.

artisan meat products Antica Masseria Salmena



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