Carbonated soft drinks by Spadafora srl

Over 70 years experience in bottling carbonated soft drinks

Before internet and smartphones existed there was a desire to share a smile and the ability to be together, possibly with a carbonated coffee drink in your hand. Spadafora srl has been active in the bottling industry of carbonated soft drinks for over 70 years. The company was founded in 1945, when Raffaele Spadafora began operations in Salerno. Pretty soon he went back to his hometown, Cosenza, in Calabria, though. Here he started a company that is now a well-known name in Calabria. In 1979 Pietro Spadafora initiated a radical change in business activities. The company then started to create various new types of own products. It also produces these on behalf of third parties.

Over the years the company has grown from from a relatively small company to a well-established industrial entity. The company is now led by the grandson of the founder, Raffaele Spadafora junior. He is assisted by his sister Elvira who deals with accounting. Raffaele’s experience comes from years of partnership with both his grandfather and his father in the family business. The company is located in a new plant just south of Cosenza, in the industrial zone of Mangone in Piano Lago.

Carbonated soft drinks from Spadafora production facility

A well-coordinated and controlled production process

The production process of the carbonated soft drinks by Spadafora meets the highest quality standards. This enables the company to maintain its position in a competitive market. And by doing so it aims to ensure the authenticity of the products. The company selects its raw materials meticulously and continuously monitors the finished product. These features have contributed to the growth and development of the company.

A wide variety of products

The company now produces a wide variety of carbonated soft drinks. You can for example enjoy a coffee drink called Frizz Coffee and a liqourice based drink named Liquir Frizz. Frizz Coffee is one of the most important regional products known in the market, and is made with coffee for infusion and toasted according to the best southern traditions, to which sugar, caramel and carbon dioxide are added. Other products sold by Spadafora include carbonated soft drinks with Bergamot, with Arancia Rossa (red oranges), and iced tea with lemon or peach flavour.

Aranciata Rossa



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