Chestnut and other traditional Calabrian products from Sapori Antichi

Chestnut and other traditional Calabrian products as a family tradition

The company “Sapori Antichi” (Ancient Flavours) is established in Cicala, a small communtiy in the highlands of Sila near Catanzaro. The company was created in 1992 from a business idea of Giacomo Muraca. He loves his country, the fruits it produces, and ancient traditions. The village of Cicala is particularly renowned for its chestnut production. Giacomo therefore decided to use these fruits and to transform and conserve them into chestnut and other traditional Calabrian products that can be consumed all year long.

Sapori Antichi

Parallel to the transformation company Giacomo and his wife Ivana started with an agritourism farm and breeding the famous suino nero (black swine) of Calabria. From this location they have dedicated themselves first of all to the manufacturing of chestnut products. Later on they have extended their activities to the processing of vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs as well.

The abundant production thus reached the market, and the brand ‘Sapori Antichi’ was born. This was such a successful idea, that soon raw materials from other farmers on the territory had to be acquired to meet the growing demand for their excellent products. As such the company became a reference point for the entire territory.

Every next generation of the family has added their enthusiasm and creativity to the company. And thus the company has strong roots in both family and tradition.

Recipes revovered from an old monastery

There is an old story that tells how the Muraca obtained ancient books with precious recipes, found in the Abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo, a cistercian monastery located in the Corace river valley. You can still find the ruins of what once was there. These recipes are used up until this day by the family to create its chestnut and other traditional Calabrian products.

Quality products for national and international markets

Thanks to the high quality of the products and their wide assortment the “Sapori Antichi” company has established itself on the local and international market through a commercial network for niche shops, wholesalers, supermarkets, and large retailers. All products are made with care and attention. Only the best raw materials are being used, grown on the local territory. This way the company always offers quality products, in full respect of the Italian and Calabrian culinary traditions.

The company traces its raw materials and products from the land to the table, using the most modern traceability criteria. It manages the production, processing, sale and marketing of several product lines. Among these we find basic tomato sauces of the highest quality, ready made sauces, peeled tomatoes, jams, vegetables in oil and grilled vegetables, and many more. And of course chestnuts. Dried, baked, chestnut paste, cooked chestnuts in sirop, chestnuts in cooked wine, chestnut flour, and even a special pasta prepared with chestnut flour.

chestnut and other traditional Calabrian products



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