Extravirgin Olive Oil from Oleificio Chiaramonte

A company and a family

As well as being a company the olive oil mill of Chiaramonte is a family. It builds on a tradition that has been renewed from father to son since 1965, always aware of innovation and in search of cultural enhancement of the territory. The founder of the company, Innocenzo, founded the original mill with grindstones and hydraulic presses. Nowadays his son Leone leads the company together with his wife Daniela with the same passion, dedicating themselves with enthusiasm to the cultivation and care of the olive groves, to the cold olive oil extraction processes and to the innovation of the productive processes. Each step is the result of careful craftsmanship, in full respect of nature and traditions.

Saracena, city of olive oil

The mill is located in Saracena, a small and ancient city on the slopes of the Pollino National Park. It dominates the landscape from the green and sunny hills of Saracena to the plains of Sibari and the gulf of Rossano. The varied landscape makes the territory unique and rich in organic compounds, exceptionally suited for the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards. The temperature changes throughout the year, the dry air and wind currents between the hills are important factors contributing to the quality of the olives. Since 2008, the town of Saracena belongs to the large family of ‘cities of olive oil’. This is a National Association that brings together various entities to promote extra virgin olive oil and the areas with a clear vocation to olive oil production. The crops present in the territory are varied, both of native origin, as well as varieties that can be found all over the national Italian territory.

Cold olive oil extraction

The olive oil is obtained by means of cold olive oil extraction within 24 hours from harvesting. Harvesting is executed manually with mechanical facilitators. In this way the highest organoleptic quality is retained. The cold olive oil extraction process is achieved by continuous stone milling, at a strictly maintained temperature, after which the olive oil is stored in a cool and dry environment, kept at a constant temperature in stainless steel silos. The current extraction systems are the result of continuous improvements in order to obtain an excellent fruity extravirgin olive oil with a fragrance of herbs and tomatoes. The varieties of olive trees grown by the company are: Verace, Forasana, Roggianella, Leccino and Carolea.

cold olive oil extraction

From the renewal of extraction methods to an exclusive company brand

From the start to the present the Chiaramonte company has always sought to implement extraction renewal policies aimed at increasing production capacity to reduce waiting times between collection and pressing, but above all to obtain an extravirgin olive oil of quality and excellence. In recent years, in addition to the milling service provided for third parties, it has also initiated the production and marketing of an extra virgin olive oil with its own company brand.

The company cultivates approximately 1000 olive trees in different plots at different altitudes, with trees of different ages and varied types. In the cultivation process the use of phytosanitary products harmful to the surrounding environment is avoided. The company and the mill are operating according to the rules set out by the organic regime of the Suolo e Salute control and certification body. In this way they protect not only the many natural antagonists, that preserve the regular growth of the trees, but above all the final consumer. Starting from the 2016/2017 harvest the company is allowed to bear the “Italian excellence”-mark, registered under number 6859.


Passion, an ethical work approach and the knowledge acquired over the years constitute the true heritage left by the company to future generations. The company’s philosophy is transformed into an excellent product, obtained by “cold olive oil extraction”, that reflects its modus operandi and that divulges its knowledge to the most demanding consumers.



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