Handmade sheep and goat cheese by Russo Agostino

Handmade sheep and goat cheese by Russo Agostino

Handmade sheep and goat cheese from a family farm

Agostino Russo’s family farm is at the foot of the Monte Pollino mountain range, where the plain of Sibari begins. Here Agostino breeds goats and sheep. Agostino processes the milk of these animals to handmade sheep and goat cheese together with his wife and two sons. In addition to sheep and goats he also rears some horses on the grounds.

sheep and goats at the farm of Agostino Russo

The company was started at this location by his father. Two of the three sons are still living close together there. On the farm next to Agostino one of his brothers breeds cattle for meat processing. Going up the mountain behind the farm, you can see the cattle of his brother on the high plains of Novacco, where one can make beautiful walks. Or you can enjoy a good meal in the restaurant there, you want to escape the summer heat of the lower country. Be aware that it is necessary to reserve in advance for the restaurant.

Real handmade traditional cheese

The handmade sheep and goat cheese, made in the company “Russo Agostino”, is traditionally prepared. The cheeses are made from raw milk, without using any additives. This gives the handmade sheep and goat cheese a fuller and stronger flavor. In local markets, Agostino’s products are therefore wel appreciated by the local population.

handmade sheep and goat cheese from Agostino Russo

Not all cheeses are available all the time

The production of goat cheese is seasonal and it will not be available all year long, but you can quickly see if it is in stock on our product pages. Fresh cheese of raw milk may not be sold in some countries, so if you want to taste the delicious fresh ricotta of Agostino you may need to travel to Calabria yourself.



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