Honey produced with passion from Societa Agricola Ursino

Passion for honey and bees started at a young age

In the hamlet “Costa degli Aranci” (orange coast) near Catanzaro, three brothers and a sister create a delicious honey produced with passion and dedication. All four of them are advocates by profession. They produce the honey purely out of love for this delicious bee product. When the twin brothers Patrizio and Valerio were only 10 years old, their father bought the first two beehives. Ever since that day they closed the bees and the honey into their hearts. Today, they have a great number of beehives on their organic farmlands. These hives are surrounded by the flowers and plants that the bees need to produce their honey. On lush landscapes overlooking the Ionic Gulf, you can find oranges, figs, olives, lemons, bergamot, eucaliptus, and many other trees and plants.

Costa degli arranci

For many years the honey was produced and potted manually. In recent times they also started to use small mechanical devices in the production process.

Honey produced with passion in multiple tastes

The company has been producing and selling their own honey for decades. Of course they make the famous millefiori (flower honey), but also more specialized types of honey, such as honey from oranges, eucaliptus, chestnut and acacia. Beside these they also create other delicious flavours. This which means that everyone can find a flavour to fall in love with. The company intends to expand its activities as well. That is why they started to build a “tasting room” on the floor above their laboratory, where it will be possible to taste all the different varieties of honey, produced with artisanal methods.

Honey produced with passion - laboratory and tasting room

Honey produced with passion, craftsmanship and authenticity

The honey of Societa Agricola Ursoni is made entirely by natural means, without the addition of artificial substances. Their honey is not pasteurized and can therefore crystallizes, but this guarantees the quality. It is possible to make it fluid again by heating the honey for a short time at a temperature just below 40°C.

Honey is not only very tasty, but can also be combined with fruits, cheese, and many other things according to one’s own taste. It is also very healthy. It can provide relief for a sore throat and stomach ulcers. It can also be used to heal small wounds, and has many other benefits.

honey produced with passion deliciously combined with fruit


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