Honey products from Mancini Daniela srl

Honey products from an old family business

The family company Mancini Daniela srl was founded in Amaroni (CZ) in 2002, a town also known as ‘Citta del Miele’ (city of honey). The company is located at a height of 350 meters in the Catanzaran hills, near Squillace and the homonymous Gulf of Squillace, an area rich in culture, history and tradition. Here Carlo Bova’s grandfather began keeping bees and making honey products, with great passion, in 1900. A passion that is handed down from generation to generation.

The grandchildren Carlo and Paolino each founded their own company in 1987. These then merged into one distinctive company called Calabria Produce sas. Subsequently, for logistic and business reasons, Carlo and his wife Daniela have founded the company Mancini Daniela srl, to diversify and offer more services. All the activities of the company are aimed at the production of honey and it’s derivates from the honeycombs.

Bova Group Miele - Calabria Produce Sas

The main honey products made by the Bova group are Miele di Zagara (honey from citrus and / or orange flowers), Millefiori honey, and honey of Eucalyptus and Chestnut. The company also transforms part of the natural honey in honey flavoured with lemon, strawberry or chocolate, or by adding dried fruits, nuts, almonds and pistachio. In addition, the company Mancini Daniela srl transforms part of the natural honey in composite honey, like honey aromatised with lemon, chocolate or strawberry, or by adding dry fruits, walnuts, almonds and pistachio nuts. And it also makes medicinal products like Propoli, Royal Jelly and energy-rich honey candies. Furthermore, the company also creates precious beeswax candles and figurines.

Honey products beeswax figurines

Services offered by the business:

  • The agricultural company Mancini Daniela s.r.l., in addition to focusing on beekeeping, receives scholastic and other organized groups in its Didactic Farm, for lessons on bee life, the properties and characteristics of honey and bee-keeping products.
  • Transformation of wax into artifical honeycombs for beekeepers.

Infected with the bee keeping virus

The story of professional beekeeping in Amaroni starts in 1900, with the Bova and Olivadotti families. It then continues with Tomasso and Vincenzo, sons of Paolo Bova, and later on with the companies of Carlo and Paolino Bova. And Carlo’s wife Daniela has also been infected with the bee keeping virus.

Thanks to these companies and the other honey producers in Amaroni the town has been recognized by the authorities as a ‘city of honey’. The producers can therefore officially mention this on their products.

Making honey products keeps you busy the whole year round

In the company honey, royal jelly and other beehive products are processed into a variety of finished honey products, in various types and flavors. In order to achieve these results, you need a constant commitment throughout the year. The bee’s health in their hives must always be kept under control. Otherwise they may be subject to various illnesses, such as the very devastating disease carried by a mite, the Varroa Jacobsoni. The hives must be regularly moved to follow the rhythm of the seasons and the different flowering periods of the plants. And after that the important work of harvesting the honey still has to start.


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