Hypoallergenic cosmetics from “Salute e Benessere”

Phyto-dermo cosmetics

Cosmetic products, which are composed of a combination of medicinal plants with dermatological skincare, are called phyto-dermo-cosmetics for that reason in the jargon. All these products are dermatologically tested, free of protein, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and contain no added fragrances.

Hypallergenic cosmetics

Hypoallergenic cosmetics

Elisabetta Ferrara is owner and technical director of the cosmetics line ‘Elisabetta Ferrara – Salute e Benessere’. In her company she composes and produces phyto-dermatological hypoallergenic cosmetics, detergents and soaps. In this process various natural ingredients are being used, that can be found in the Calabrian countryside. In these products you can find organic olive oil, officinal herbs, organic juice from grapes, all grown on her own farm. Other ingredients include pulp end extract of ceder of the type Diamante di Santa Maria del Cedro (CS), Bergamot of Reggio Calabria, lemon of the IGP Rocca Imperiale, figs ‘Dottato DOP di Cosenza’, and watermelons of Crotone, all derived from organic farming.

Ferrara Saracena

Elisabetta graduated in biology (University of Perugia), with a postgraduate specialization in science and technology of cosmetics (University of Siena). She holds a diploma for the completion of clinical herbal medicine and medicinal plants, and applied herbal medicine and phytotherapy (University of Tuscia in Viterbo).

The company does not carry out experiments on animals. The cosmetics are subjected to microbiological and in-vitro tests on human epidermis reconstructed on the site of MICRONA laboratory in Turin. This serves to control the quality of the ingredients and the final product, and it’s application.

The water, which is used in the production comes from the thermal sources from Bagni di Filippo (SI) in Tuscany. It is rich in mineral salt, sulfur-calcium, and magnesium.

Rare flower: Linum Katiae

The color and logo of Salute e Benessere are composed from a peacock, whose feathers are five leaves (representing the 5 lines of Salute e Benessere) of the flower Linum Katiae , which grows only in one specific place in the national park of Monte Pollino in southern Italy.

Linum Katiaea

5 Production Lines

Salute e Benessere’s products have been divided into five lines, which all have a certain color. These colors correspond to the main ingredient on which the line is based. The five lines and the main ingredients are:

  • Red, with the watermelon as the main ingredient for dry skin..
  • Yellow, with a typical Calabrese species of lemon, Limone di Rocco Imperiale, for oily skin.
  • Green, with the fig species Ficus Carica, for the delicate skin.
  • Blue-Black, a men’s line.
  • The traditional line has the beautiful lilac blue colour of the Linum Katiae

Linum Katiae

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