Solefrutta: Marmalades and Jams from Bioagrumi

Sunny fresh citrus fruits

Bioagrumi is a company headed by Massimo Pizzini. The company produces marmalades and jams with the brand name “Solefrutta”. Massimo founded the company in February 2000, with the idea of exploiting one of the most important resources of the Sibari plains: citrus fruits. The company is located in Trebisacce (CS). This is beautiful small seaside town on the Calabrian coast at the Ionian Sea, which is proud of a particular late variety of oranges that grows there: the “Biondo tardiva di Trebisacce”.

bionda di trebisacce

Classical handwritten recipes

The precious fruits of nature are processed with great passion by Massimo and his small group of employees within 48 hours after harvesting. In this proces they use techniques derived from ancient Calabrian tradition, following handwritten classic recipes. And of course they use only fruits and sugars of the finest quality.

Through careful selection of the best raw materials and a quality orientated production process the products are highly appreciated. The freshness of the fruit is controlled and traced at every stage of the supply chain in order to guarantee genuineness and high quality standards.

jams and marmalades

Marmalades and jams with fruity flavours

All marmalades and jams contain 82% fresh fruit. No preservatives or freezing techniques are used. Some of these products have been certified as organic by the Italian institute for ethical and environmental certification (ICEA – Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale). This means that the fruits for these products have been grown and controlled organically. And in the manufacturing process only the natural sugars of the fruits are being used. The range of products is continually updated by the regular introduction of new tastes and combinations with the aim of satisfying the tastes and preferences of every client.

Marmalades and jams from Bioagrumi



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