Mushrooms and other typical Calabrian products by Serfunghi Calabria

A mushroom adventure

Serfunghi Calabria is a company founded in 1964 in Serra San Bruno in the ‘Serre Calabrese’ national park when the father of the current proprietor, Luigi Calabretta, returned from France to Calabria. Here he started selling fresh and semi-finished mushrooms. This is a product that can be found abundantly in the mountainous region. The company processes mushrooms and other typical Calabrian products.

His children, who ran a small restaurant in the village, set up the company where the mushrooms are processed and put in jars. They were inspired to do this by the many questions to buy the mushrooms they used. Many of these questions were asked by tourists visiting the famous monastery ‘La Certosa di San Bruno ‘ in the vicinity of the village.

La Certosa di San Bruno

La Certosa di Serra San Bruno

A story of tradition and taste

The mushrooms of Serfunghi Calabria are hand-picked by expert people with great respect for the environment. After this they are carefully selected on-site and crafted expertly. This is done following ancient traditional Calabrian recipes, without the use of preservatives. This ensures that the final products keep their authentic and genuine flavor. This way the taste of tradition will be brought to on your plates.

Mushrooms and other typical Calabrian products

Simple and natural products on your table

Nowadays Serfunghi Calabria makes and sells a wide range of mushrooms and other typical Calabrian products. All these products are made with simple and natural ingredients and are traditionally prepared. This will give all your dishes a unique taste. All products can also be easily combined with a good wine, a tasty cheese and delicious salami. After a good meal this helps create a good aftermeal.



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