Organic liquorice products from Nature Med srl

Over a 100 years of experience

The “Nature Med srl” company is based in Cosenza. It has a production facility in the industrial area of Cammarata, near Castrovillari. The company produces and sells genuine organic liquorice products in various forms and derivatives. It is using roots only from Calabria to create its entire product range. The production techniqies are based on over a hundred years of experience. No sugars are added to the products. This ensures that their organic liquorice products are highly appreciated. A real treat for the informed consumers, who are looking for the real thing with the distinctive characteristics of the liquorice juice. The company produces different flavoured pure liquorice pastilles, as well as liquorice-based liqueurs like “Liquorizia”.

Unique organic liquorice products…

The organic liquorice products of Nature Med are created according to original recipes. And there have been numerous attempts to copy it. There is a great deal of appreciation for the products, because of the fact that all of the company’s resources come from organic farming. The products are therefore organically certified. Since 1998 Nature Med was the first liquorice production company to obtain this certification in Italy. In 2001 Nature Med promoted setting up a consortium to protect officinal plants in Calabria. This consortium has already implemented a number of initiatives. One of these was an application to the competent bodies for a DOP (protected denomination of origin) for the liquorice of Calabria.

Organic liquorice products from Nature Med srl

From an innovative company…

Over the years the company has worked with various and prestigous third parties. It has only recently decided to also sell its own labels. They decided on this new strategy to make new investments aimed at the market, but in particular to invest in research projects. Nowadays it is therefore working on research projects in collaboration with several Italian university institutes. It is a small company, but it is always on looking to innovate. One good testimony of this is the introduction on the market of the liqueur called “Liquorizia”.

With an ancient history

The ‘Nature Med srl’ company has its roots in the ‘Zagarese’ company near Cosenza, which was an important production facility in that area since 1886. Ever since the seventeenth century the licorice root was processed in an artisanal way, for a production exclusively aimed the local market. Thanks to the high quality of the raw material and the experience accumulated in the family tradition, the Zagarese company soon managed to bring genuine Calabrian licorice out of the regional and national boundaries. This is evidenced by the high number of prizes and prizes gained in exhibitions and fairs in Italy and abroad, including gold medals in Antwerp and Nice in 1894 and 1900 at the Grand Prix at the Export Universal of Paris.

Since 1998 the new management, using the traditional technological know-how, remains firmly tied to a business philosophy that wants to make products of the highest quality. It is proud of belonging to a land of solid peasant traditions.


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