Organic olive oil and fig products from Antica Tenuta Ferrara

A company immersed by nature

The agricultural company “Antica Tenuta Ferrara” is located in the hills around the town of Saracena, in the valley of the river Garga at the foot of the Orsomarso mountain, in the ‘Pollino’ national park. The company is surrounded by the colors and scents of nature, which follow the magic cycles of the vineyards and olive trees, fig plantations and herbs that spontaneously grow here in the meadows. Frome the various crops, such as grapes, olives and figs, some delicious products are created. Think of the Passito Moscato di Saracena, organic olive oil and fig products such as fig crosses, fig molasses and figs “drowned” in Moscato.


A continued tradition

The history of the Ferrara estate has been at least two centuries old. The Antica Tenuta Ferrara as a proper and true business begins with Elisabetta Ferrara’s grandfather. Dr. Vincenzo was the pharmacist of the village, and owner of an olive press. This grandfather of Elisabetta worked in his laboratory on a carefully planned process to make his own variant of a sweet passito wine called Moscato di Saracena. This passito wine which can only be produced in this area, with typical indigenous grape varieties.

Organic olive oil and fig products from antica Tenuta Ferrara

Organic olive oil and fig products

The company has been well known for its delicious Organic Olive Oil. More recently they also started processing figs. The figs are processed into products such as: Figs Crosses, Figs Molasses and the sweet combination of Figs and Moscato. The quality of figs used is Cosenza DOP, also referred to as “della goccia” (of the drop) because of it’s tendency to produce molasses.



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