Pecorino cheese and other dairy products from Dedoni S.r.l.

Sardinian pecorino cheese from Calabria

Dedoni S.r.l. can be found close to the old Greek-Roman town of Squillace. The town is strategically situated on top of a hill overlooking the Gulf of Squillace and its surrounding area. Here Stefano and Orlando Dedoni operate a dairy company, where they produce high quality pecorino cheese (sheep cheese) and other dairy products. They are the third generation of a Sardinian family with a profound knowledge of sheep breeding and techniques for processing pecorino cheese.

In the 1980’s the first dairy farm was started in the area of Squillace. Over time the company grew in size, which led to the foundation of the current organisation Dedoni S.r.l. in 1998. It is the result of an old family tradition lasting for decades.

The combination of quality, tradition and passion, along with the meticulously selected ingredients, are the essential ingredients of the company’s cheeses.

From sheep’s milk to a variety of dairy products

Initially the company bred it’s own sheep and produced only pecorino cheeses from sheep’s milk. As customer demands grew they have also started producing cheeses from cow’s milk. The assortment of typical cheeses now contains various types of cheese from sheep and cows with multiple seasonings and flavors. Though the company no longer breeds it’s own sheep, they do control the enitire milk chain. They collect the milk directly from nearby dairy farms and local shepherds, paying great attention to hygiene and health conditions.

Freshness and special flavours produced with passion

Sheep’s cheese is subject to seasonality as milk is available from November to July only, but the end product is preserved throughout the year thanks to excellent storage facilities.

Cheeses and other specialties made by Dedoni with complete craftsmanship are the result of a great passion for the methods and recipes of ancient Calabrian dairy tradition. The main features of all products are it’s delicacy and freshness. All cheeses have the delightfully special flavour of those good things made with much love and passion. Fresh or seasoned, they are a genuine pleasure for the palate and well appreciated by all its consumers.

Tradition and genuineness combined with innovation are the best guarantee for the inimitable taste of these products.

Caseificio Dedoni……..cuore sardo, bontà calabrese
Dedoni Dairy …….. Sardinian heart, Calabrian delicacies



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