Sweet cakes and Calabrian biscuits from Fraietta Srl

Delicious cakes and Calabrian biscuits from a small family company

In Badolato (CZ) there is a small family company that produces delicious cakes and Calabrian biscuits. In the production proces of these frollini (biscuits) and handmade pannetoni* (typical Italian christmas cakes) the “Dolce Fraietta” company does not use margarine, preservatives or colourants of any kind. Instead they only use real butter, fresh eggs, selected fruits and natural aroma’s.

For the production of the frollini they use an old technique called ‘taglio a filo’ (“wire-cutting”). This is an ancient system, where a steel wire cuts the dough. As a result, the finished product has an excellent balance of the basic ingredients. The products are uniform in shape and retain the flavor and taste of the original ingredients. The panettoni on the other hand are manufactured and packaged entirely manually.

A family business grown out of ancient traditions

The story begins with the production of the “mostacciolo di vino cotto” (“mousetrap of cooked wine”). This is a typical typical Calabrian biscuit, that is traditionally offered as a gift from the bride and groom to the guests after the wedding reception.

The small family-run business now produces delicious sweet cakes and Calabrian biscuits for two generations in the village of Badolato. They create these delicacies following ancient regional recipes, and using some of the finest raw materials that the territory has to offer. Among these are various nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachio), bergamot, dried figs, candied oranges, and cooked grape juice.

Try out these delicious pastries and Calabrian cookies, produced in a way where manual labour and experience play an irreplaceable and fundamental role. Put them on your table and you can be sure they will be finished in no time at all.

* The panettoni are available only on request, because of the limited durability of the product and transport conditions.


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