Wines from Cantine Gallicchio

Wines from Cantine Gallicchio. Enriched by the wisdom of master winemakers

In the vicinity of Saracena in the province of Cosenza, Italy, Domenico (Mimmo) Gallicchio cultivates grapes on 17 hectares of land (totaling 55 hectares). The vineyards lie at an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level in the foothills of Monte Pollino. From the vineyards one can see the Ionian Sea. In this climate, the grapes have a unique character and flavor, which can be tasted in the wines from Cantine Gallicchio produced here.

Wines of excellent quality

The grapes are harvested when they are fully ripe, from early September, and then expertly fermented. For the red wines the Magliocco, Cabernet and Merlot grapes are used. And the white wines contain the Malvasia, Chardonnay, Greco Bianco, Guarnaccia and Moscatello grapes.


Mimmo of course produces the famous Passito Moscato di Saracena here as well, a dessert wine with a unique flavor that is protected by law and can only be produced in Saracena. Every producer of the village has its own secret ingredient for this wine, but the base and preparation of the Guarnaccia, Malvasia and Moscatello grapes is always the same.

Products of a long tradition

Mimmo Gallicchio continues a long tradition of wine production on the property. The lands have been cultivated by the Gallicchio family for generations. But there are also some imposing buildings on the site, which date from the 18th century. These have served as a restaurant and agriturismo until recently, and could be used as such in the future as well.

In one of those buildings one can visit the mini chapel of San Michele. This little chapel is reconstructed using some of the icons and other relics of the even older chapel of San Michele, now in ruins, which is located close to Cantine Gallicchio.

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