About TuttoCalabrese

  • Ties with southern Italy for over 30 years
  • Many Italian friends with traditional high quality products
  • Short lines with suppliers which guarantee quality

TuttoCalabrese offers regional products from Calabria. For over 30 years we regularly visit the beautiful region of Calabria in southern Italy. During these years we have made many friends there, who often produce high quality products with traditional methods and in difficult circumstances. Now, after all these years, the time has come to present their products to a wider public.

We can ensure the quality of products because we know all the producers personally. Therefore our customers can be assured that they get what they ordered, because we collect these products ourselves in Calabria and transport them from there directly to our stockroom in the Netherlands.

Regional products from Calabria beaches and sunsets

About Calabria, Magna Grecia

  • Rugged mountains, an azure blue sea, 250 sunny days
  • Castles and religious monuments
  • High quality food because eating is very important for the Calabrians
  • Rent houses, group travel

Rugged Mountains, an azure ble sea, 250 days of sunshine

Rugged mountains, an azure blue sea, a melting pot of ancient cultures, more than 250 sunny days each year, not to mention the warm blooded warm hearted people characterize the southern Italian region of Calabria, part of the ancient Magna Grecia. It is a favourite holiday destination of many Italians. In recent years more and more people discover the beauty of this region at the tip of the boot of Italy.

Castles and Religious Monuments

Pythagoras and other ancient Greeks lived and worked here, when the region was part of Magna Grecia. The Romans, Moors, Christians and other cultures all left their mark here. Castles, historic and religious monuments, and archeological sites can be found from high in the mountains to the deep blue sea.

At the height of the summer the beaches are filled with tourists, who gather here in great numbers on their holidays, because the sun is guaranteed and in the clear blue sea you can see the seabed to more than 10 meters deep.

And when the afternoon gets too hot, you can drive to a cool place high in the forested mountains in less than half an hour.

High quality food is important for the inhabitants of Calabria

In the evening you can enter the first best restaurant which you come across. This is because food is very important for the Calabrians. You will seldom find a restaurant where the food quality is poor or even mediocre. When you get to know the people themselves you may often be invited to their home to enjoy their traditional cuisine and theur genuine hospitality.

Rent a house, group travel

You can also ask us on our site for possibilities to rent a house, or to organize group travel. With our many contacts in the region, we will often be able to mediate on your behalf. In this way you can see the region and meet the people in a different way.

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